Number Of Graduates Soar At LASALLE (excerpt)

Published on 22 Sep 2010

Top student – Auditor turned Musician

Former auditor Aloysius Foong (28) is the recipient of this year’s McNally Award for Excellence in the Arts. He graduates with a BA(Hons) degree in Music .

“Though it was a difficult decision and I had to make many sacrifices, this has been one of the best choices of my life and I have no regrets,” says Foong who has worked in an international audit firm after obtaining his first degree in Accountancy.

With the blessing of his parents, he made the bold move to pursue his passion for music and enrolled in LASALLE’s School of Contemporary Music in 2007.

“I learnt that it’s never too late to do anything as long you have the passion and courage to do it,” adds the multi-talented Foong who plays the piano, violin and viola.

Foong has already been involved in numerous commercial music projects in Singapore, having performed in several concerts with artistes such as veteran Cantopop singer George Lam and singer-songwriter Corrinne May, and worked with key members of the local music industry such as Iskandar Ismail and Dick Lee.

As the concert master of the NUS Symphony Orchestra in 2005, Foong led a successful concert at the Aberdeen Youth Arts Festival in Scotland.

Foong also performs regularly with his chamber quintet, Hulerz Quintet in various charity and chamber concerts.

The McNally Award is awarded to LASALLE’s most outstanding student of the year. Past recipients of the award include award-winning short filmmaker Boo Junfeng (27) and composer/musician Tan Tuan Hao (24).

Named after LASALLE’s founder, Brother Joseph McNally, the award commends the role of the artist in society through both academic excellence and outstanding artistic achievements and contributions to the creative profession.


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